Detox, the Body cleansing diet

DetoxIn our body it accumulates a lot of toxins. Their excess leads to fatigue, weakness, lack of energy, poor skin condition and problems concentrating. To get rid of them, you need to apply a cleansing diet, called detoksem.

Contrary to appearances, the cleaner does not need to be a hard days głodówką. On the contrary. Starvation is never a good option for our body. Far better is it diet cleansing, based largely on the consumption of antioxidants.

Why use cleansing diet?

Cleansing diet is really odtruciu of our body. Accumulated toxins in it make that our authorities are gradually poisoning. This results in not only the weakness of the whole organism, deterioration in appearance and lower well-being, but it also leads to serious diseases, for example. diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis or hypertension. Also allergies.

That is why it is so important to every once in a while to perform a body Detox. You can do this by bringing some of the time the food wysokoprzetworzoną and with and focus on the so-called. przeciwutleniaczach (antyutleniaczach, antyoksydantach), which is the substance of destructive free radicals.

Purifying diet may be used from time to time, regardless of the time of year. Then it is worth to decide on the treatment day. You can also make longer detoxification – not well decide in spring and autumn.

One day diet Detoxicating simply involves eating only fruits and vegetables, and drinking water for one selected day. In this way we purify the body of all toxins, but we let him rest a bit and get rid of for example. swelling of the face. If we decide to use this diet for three days, we will achieve much better results.

Detox slimming

A real cleanup should we take more than 10 days (two weeks). At this time we can get rid of most of the toxins from our body, and also lose weight.

For what it’s worth to pay attention when you Detox?

Keep in mind that diet Detoxicating will not be pleasant. When he begins to deliver results, there are unpleasant symptoms, for example. the odor of urine, increased sweating, swelling language, bumps on the face and body. This is not to say that diet is detrimental to us, but that our bodies began to get rid of toxins. It is worth to wait out this bad moment to see the subsequent results, which will be a lot kinder.

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