Colostrum Health from cows

colostrumColostrum, or dense yellow secretion, is the first and most crucial for the proper development of food that the newborn receives. However, increasingly, initial milk of mammals also becomes a component of a healthy adult diet.

Colostrum, colostrum or Latin colostrum are the names of the first food of each newborn mammal, including humans. The manufacturing process begins even during pregnancy and ceases within a few days after childbirth.

The unique composition of this secretion is of fundamental importance in early feeding. Colostrum contains 40 times more compounds than subsequent breast milk. These are not only essential nutrients in a well-absorbed form, but also the growth factors and compounds immunologically active-all necessary to ensure newborn protection against pathogens, it fully develops its own, efficiently Functioning immune system.

The strength of first feeding

Colostrum is considered the most powerful natural immunostymulant known science. They fill it with immune cells, such as leukocytes, macrophages, T and B lymphocytes and antibodies (especially SIgA), responsible for immunity. In addition, it contains immunomodulatory components, among which lactoferrin (LF), αlaktoalbuminę, Lysozyme, lactoperoxidase, polypeptide rich in proline (PRP) and casein should be distinguished.

The mere composition of colostrum and mature milk for the presence of immunologically compounds is true similar, but in colostrum their contents are many times higher. For example, the concentration of IgA in Colostrum can be up to 100 times higher than in mature milk and lactoferrin-10 times.

Colostrum also contains digest and easily absorbed nutrients needed by a developing newborn, providing it with an adequate amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. All this makes colostrum a real bomb of the ingredients necessary to baby adapted in a new world, it will begin to produce its own antibodies.

The concentration of the substance contained therein is significantly altered in the following hours and days after childbirth. This leads to a gradual transformation of colostrum into milk. The time at which this transformation occurs is dependent on the body. But always for the so-called. “Full ” Colostrum is considered to be the first lactate secretion, from the first moments after its onset.

Human or cow?

As you can see, colostrum is not only a substance that is precious but volatile. Its limited quantity makes the female colostrum, extracts during lactation, enough to really feed only her baby. You just can’t get more of it.

However, subsequent studies indicate that colostrum of equally valuable properties can be obtained from the lactation of certain animals, especially cows. Numerous studies have confirmed that it has a beneficial effect on immunity not only in newborns-supplementation gives positive immunological effects also in older children and adults. This effect is obtained if bovine colostrum (Colostrum bovinum) is used from one individual or as a mixture of multiple colostrum.

How is this possible? It appears that it is characterised by a composition very similar to human and health-enhancing properties that can be used in the nutrition of people of all ages.

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