Gastric ulcers: What to eat?

Gastric ulcersGastric ulcers are a loss of the wall of the stomach or duodenum exceeding the muscle layer of the mucous membrane and reaching up to the submucosa or to the deeper layers of these oragnów. It is one of the most common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract-touches OK. 10% of the population. The main cause of its formation is the Gram-negative bacterium Helicobacter pylori (92% of duodenal ulcers and approximately 70% of gastric ulcers) 1. In Poland the infected is about it. 84% of adults and approximately 30% Children2. This bacterium has long been considered to be a Karcynogen class I3. However, to start wreaking havoc in the stomach or duodenum, they need to develop favorable conditions. Unfortunately, we often create them, poorly eating, smoking cigarettes or without think of the following anti-inflammatory drugs and glikokortykosterydy.

If you confirm your doctor’s presumption and you find that you are suffering from gastric ulcers, it will most likely implement an associated antybiotykoterapię combined with the administration of a proton pump blocker.

A sensible diet for the stomach

Not only does it protect you from ulcers, it also will be an excellent form of treatment supporting medication. Formerly, this strict diet was the basis for treatment of the disease. Today, doctors recommend that you listening your body. Eat it, then you feel good, and give up the foods that worsen the unpleasant symptoms. In general, the idea is that the food does not too long in the stomach, it was easily absorbed and did not cause excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid.

Therefore, it is best to avoid products such as: Some sausages, pork or mutton. The fat intake should not exceed the physiological demand for this ingredient. Its excess can cause delayed gastric emptying, which is often responsible for the occurrence of dyspeptycznych symptoms. In your diet, you should dominate vegetables rich in vitamins A, C and E, marine fish and cereal grains. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day, regularly every 2-3 hours, slowly and in peace.

Love cabbage, help stomach

Some vegetables contain natural remedies with an anti-ulcer effect. The cabbage owes its properties to the Union called Gefarnat and the substance resembling carbenoxolone-a medicine used to treat peptic ulcers. This juice works by protecting the mucous membrane cells of the stomach, stimulating them to produce mucus. Other confirmed studies of beneficial effects of this vegetables stems from its bactericidal properties.

Leguminous Vegetables Support Stomach

Reports from recent years have suggested that a high fiber diet can lower the risk of ulcer relapses. A study conducted in India showed that in 81% of people using menu (11.4 g/day) had a recurrence of peptic ulcers, while in the group of people whose menu in fibre (28.2 g/day), it had only 14% 8.

In prospective cohort studies conducted in healthy subjects aged 40-75 years, it has been shown that the consumption of fibre derived from legumes is most efficient from the point of view of lowering the risk of peptic ulcers. Legumes and nuts are among the best sources of soluble fiber. This faction is attributed to the beneficial prophylactic działanie9. However, people in the exacerbation phase of the disease may experience discomfort after they are ingested.

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