Copenhagen Diet

Copenhagen Diet (“Thirteen”) is a very strict cure, but very short. Lasts only 13 days. It is based on seven recurring Jadłospisach, which aim to accelerate the metabolism forever.
Due to its restrictiveness, it can only be used once every 2 years. Any infractions or derogations cause the diet to be discontinued, giving the possibility to re-return only after 2 years.

Effects: Several times higher than the 1000 kcal diet, in a much shorter time.

Menu: Monotonous and poor in nutrients. Provides a daily approx. 500-800 kcal, of which 35% is proteins, 40%-fats, 25%-carbohydrates. The main ingredients of the menu are: meat, eggs, lettuce, some fruits.
Meal Preparation: Easy, time-intensive. You don’t need to weigh or measure portions.
Diet costs: not the cheapest. Although ingredients are widely available, some food products can cost a lot.

Renunciation: You only need to adapt to the rules contained in the menu. Any offences (e.g. drinking a glass of wine, eating sweets) result in a discontinuation of the diet. You need to significantly reduce the amount of calories you have delivered, which often involves a steady feeling of hunger.
Additional advantages: May be a good introduction to weight loss, because the visible effects encourage the continuation of other treatments.

Side effects: High likelihood of loss of effects due to fast completion of diet and return to old eating habits, accompanying ailments, eg. Headache, feeling weak, irritability, hair loss, inferior nail condition. A healthy and balanced 36s diet, which is not only effective but also teaches good eating habits, is a better choice.

Copenhagen diet is primarily a significant reduction in calorie intake. And this is what causes the body to switch to frugal mode. So it is not true that diet accelerates metabolism forever. The nutrients are delivered in okrojonych quantities, giving the opposite results. This causes the completion of the diet and the return to old eating habits to be associated with a high risk of re-gaining weight – with redoubled force. This diet is certainly not recommended for teenagers. In obese people may check in the initial phase of weight loss, but despite everything better to give up.
Copenhagen diet is not suitable for teenagers and people who want to lose a few pounds because they do not provide all the valuable nutrients. This group of people offer safe slimming diets – a good alternative is the 1, 2 and 3 treatments. and 3. Place the diet rankings.

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