Ketogenic diet – what is it?

A ketogenic diet is a way of eating to increase the supply of fats while reducing the consumption of carbohydrates. However, to be effective and not to constitute a danger to the body, it should only be carried out under the supervision of a doctor and a dietitian.

Ketogenic diet

The essence of this type of diet is the introduction of the organism into ketosis state. This results in the burning of stocks accumulated in adipose tissue.
According to the assumptions, fat consumption should be increased to such a quantity to represent between 75, 90% of the energy requirement. The remainder of the energy should come from proteins (10%) and carbohydrates (3%).

Ketogenic diet – What to eat?

The Ketogenic diet is not about eating any foods that are good sources of fats. The quality of lipids obtained from eating is also important. It is therefore recommended to consume mainly vegetable oils, butter or mayonnaise. The list of banned products contains Sweets, jams, cereal products, syrups, ice cream.

Ketogenic Diet – Menu

The ketogenic diet should be properly balanced, so it is not recommended to create diet yourself. You should go to a dietitian who will develop a nutritional plan based on the needs of the individual organism. This will make sure that the menu diet ketogenicznej will achieve the desired results.

An example of daily menu is as follows:

Meal I: Scrambled eggs on bacon
Meal II: Chicken Breast with the addition of broccoli and olives
Meal III: cottage cheese with chia seeds and pumpkin kernels
Meal IV: Chicken breast with broccoli and olives
Meal V: fish with avocado.

Ketogenic diet – Effects

Ketogenic diet effects result in a pronounced weight loss – the rate of weight loss depends on individual predisposition and baseline weight.
It is worthwhile to be aware that in the first phase of the application of the diet, there may be many side effects, dizziness, drowsiness or constipation. After a maximum of a few weeks, these symptoms disappear as soon as the body has switched to a new nutrition mode.

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