Whether the gluten free diet makes sense?

gluten free dietRecent years have shown a marked tendency to an increase in the number of people complaining on the gastrointestinal ailments that occur after ingestion of food containing gluten. Probably, because you can not fail to mention that many of us have simply fashion on the gluten-free diet and part of the symptoms unnecessarily linked with the presence of gluten in animal nutrition. However, there is no doubt that the actual problem is quite a lot of people.

On this basis, it appeared so that the food can have an adverse impact even on people who are not diagnosed with celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity were found. For the most part is just a guess, there are no 100% research that actually so, and even if someone over such works, it still is not enough, to be sure. At the moment the current there are several medical conditions that is associated with a diet that contains gluten.

Celiac disease – coeliac disease for life

Celiac disease, or celiac disease, an autoimmune disease with genetic lasting a lifetime. Its course is characterized by a permanent spare protein intolerance contained in cereals-gluten. This protein leads to the disappearance of the villi of the small intestine, which are responsible for the absorption of nutrients. As a result,-food absorption is impaired, and the patient is observed at a number of clinical signs, dangerous to the health and even life. For the moment, the only solution remains a gluten-free diet.

Celiac disease is not an allergy, although it is often confused. There is also a disease of childhood, never passes. In Poland on celiac disease suffer at least 1% of the population, and this proportion is still increasing.

Celiac disease can show up at any age, children, adults, in older people. Together with the beginning of the expansion of diet babies about gluten, as well as after operations or as a result of stress or a severe infection. Celiac disease is a major human food intolerance.

Depending on whether we are dealing with celiac disease scantily-whether pełnoobjawową, suspecting the presence of patient we see m.in.:

  • pain and bloating of the abdomen
  • fatty diarrhea
  • weight loss
  • symptoms of niedoborowe (e.g., anemia)
  • skin problems
  • depression, mood changes
  • constant fatigue

Allergy to gluten-is it possible to cure it?

Food allergies and celiac disease are two distinct conditions that fall within the concept of food intolerance. Symptoms, which can be seen in the patient may occur immediately after eating food (from a few minutes to an hour), or only after some time (after a few hours, and even 1-2 days). In the first case you may experience m.in.:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • urticaria, skin
  • runny
  • skin lesions with a type of atopic dermatitis skin

In the case of the symptoms of late-usually occurs diarrhea or exacerbation of ATOPIC DERMATITIS. If food allergies children, most of it grows. In the case of adults, allergy can last for years, and to invoke its symptoms are needed by far greater amounts of gluten than in the case of children. But, as in the case of celiac disease, the treatment of allergy to gluten is of course a gluten-free diet.

Hypersensitive to gluten

In recent years, intrusive symptoms have also started to report people who do not have the characteristic of celiac disease antibodies in the blood, usually not observed in these lesions in the mucous membranes of the intestine. The number of lymphocytes is with them in, possibly slightly beyond goes. Such patients do not also have wheat allergy, their total IgE level remains normal, though until 50% of them show a positive antibody AGA. In this case, we are talking about. hypersensitive to gluten. The condition usually affects adults and manifests itself most frequently:

  • abdominal pain (in 68% of cases)
  • rash (40%)
  • headaches and a feeling of constant fatigue (35%)
  • diarrhea (33%), flatulence (25%) and constipation (20%)
  • nausea and vomiting (15%)
  • the feeling of transfer in the gut (10%)

These symptoms usually appear within a few days or hours after eating a meal that contains gluten. Initially, it is estimated that this problem can be up to 6% of the population. This means that sensitivity to gluten is more common than celiac disease!

Hypersensitivity can be linked to many diseases, for example. Autism or schizophrenia. Literature indicates cases improve the health status of these patients from the diet eliminated gluten. However, because the sensitivity to gluten there is no genetic substrate and all flagship testing for celiac disease come out negative, one way the diagnosis of hypersensitivity is simply a positive response to gluten-free diet provided and Benjamin halevy existing symptoms, which, after the challenge, again glutenem time tend to tighten up.

Whether the gluten-free diet is safe?

Gluten-free diet has gained interest from not only the patients, but those who think that with her help, can be effectively and permanently lose weight. Whether this is true? And Yes and no. Yes, because by going on a gluten-free diet is to eliminate a whole bunch of worthless, highly processed products that contain a lot of. empty calories. Reading the labels, we make more informed purchases, so we avoid this, which in theory makes us fight against unnecessary pounds. On the other hand, clumsily carried out a gluten-free diet can bring more harm than benefit, for example, can be niedoborowa in the B vitamins, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, magnesium and fibre.

Gluten free store

If the gluten-free diet actually has a reason in the life of the patient, this does not mean that we are stuck with restrictive, tasteless food! Patient meals also can be delicious! Nowadays, more and more manufacturers releases gluten-free versions of its classic products, can be bought for example. gluten-free bread, pasta or other add-ons. On the Web you will find also a lot of pages with tips for people on a gluten-free, there are also many blogs with tasty. But it’s important to the person who just starts a gluten-free diet, came under the care of a specialist, who will take care of it to the diet provided him everything what is necessary for proper functioning.

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