Tricks for eating less

Controlling portions to lose weight or keep it within certain limits does not necessarily mean eating less, it certainly means introducing fewer calories. Here are 10 ways to do this without feeling too much hunger.

Tricks for eating less

Wear tight clothes

Do not squeeze into too tight pants, but wearing a dress with a belt or a jacket with buttons can serve as a tool to slow you down while you are binging and make you evaluate how you feel during the meal. As soon as you start to feel tight, you can decide to eat less.

Add vegetables as fillers

Adding vegetables to your meals is an easy way to reduce calories, as fibers satiate quickly. Put the mushrooms instead of half the minced meat in the meat sauce and it’s good for most of the recipes, or add vegetables to the sauces and reduce the portions of the other components.

The color of the dishes helps you eat less

Do you know that the color of your dish can influence how much you eat? That’s what a Cornell University study says. The researchers found that when a dish and the food served had similar colors the people at the buffet served 22% more than when the colors created a high contrast (such as tomato pasta on a white plate).

Create the right atmosphere to eat slowly

Dim the lights and listen to relaxing music for a more enjoyable meal. Taking more time will increase the fun and decrease the portions. Remember to chew slowly, put the fork down between one bite and another and take a sip of extra water.

Never eat from the bag or container

When you sit on the sofa with a bag of chips in your hand you don’t realize how many you are really eating. Researchers at Cornell University found that people ate 50% more crisps when they didn’t see the portions. So, when you buy a bag of 10-portion saltines or chips, before eating them divide the contents into 10 small bowls.

Enjoy a soup

Before you dive into the main courses, enjoy a little soup or soup. Although it may seem counterproductive to add something else to your meal, studies show that starting a dinner with soup can help reduce your overall calorie intake by up to 20%. The best choice is a broth with vegetables, to make the full of fibers that satiate.

Take a walk before you serve yourself

In a Cornell University study published in PLoS ONE, researchers observed people using two separate buffet tables that had the same foods: in one table the order you had to follow to serve started with healthy low-fat foods to get to less healthy foods, the other table started with high-fat foods. Research has shown that more than 75% of diners put the first food they saw on the plate; the first three foods they met, however, made up two thirds of the meal, whether they were chosen among healthy foods or not. So, first take a tour of the entire buffet and then make your choice.

Food craving: what is it and how to fight it

This way of eating, which many overweight and obese people experience, responds to a psychological need for recognition. Rather than finding satisfaction in the other, one seeks satisfaction in food that leads to overfeeding. It is unfortunately a vicious circle that leads to negative feelings of guilt, anger and sometimes even depression.

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How to fight it? You have to be strong, especially in the early days, to be able to change your old habits.  Know that the food craving passes after a few minutes, usually 3 to 10. You must try to win against this enemy of weight and psyche, helping yourself with pleasant activities that shift your attention elsewhere. Some cognitive techniques can be used, which are used in behavioural psychotherapy, based on the gradual modification of thoughts.

Strategies for re-establishing a good relationship with food

To re-establish a good relationship with food, you need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of your eating behaviour. From this awareness it is possible to learn to understand why you feel the need for food to satisfy a psychological need. When you become aware of this, you can find alternatives to food.

For example, if you feel frustrated about a reason X, you don’t have to open the refrigerator to get rid of this negative feeling.  You have to try to break this hellish circle and try an alternative solution such as, for example, making a phone call to a friend, going out for a walk etc.. If you can do it, try to figure out how you feel afterwards and what feelings you have. If you’re proud of yourself, you’re on the right track!

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